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Chrome OS

As Chrome OS is only a new piece of operating system that had been introduced by Google, it is an open based Linux software and will only be released to manufacture on Google’s manufacturing partners as there is not a lot that can be said on the usage of this operating system but instead rely on the demonstrations and introduction of this software to the public that had been posted on YouTube.

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Corporate Use of Social Networking

Since the introduction of the internet many years ago, there was not much use for it. We go on, search a few pages then go off, but with the start of social networking; the internet has become much more useful towards the user. Users are now able to use the internet for leisurely activities such as watch videos, meet people, play games and talk with friends. When it comes to using Social Networks as a corporate use, it has been a growing trend.

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Corporate Use of Wiki’s

When it comes to Wiki’s, some might find it too hard and completely ignore using it as they can find alternatives to showcasing the information that is needed to be mentioned, to the people who will read the wiki.Wikipedia, the most familiar wiki website that most users would be gathering their information from, but is all this information true to the fact.

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Business and Corporate Blogging

Companies are slowly discovering the potential of using blogs within their company, it offers a great way of communication between the organisations staff as to what is happening with the development and production of certain products at one area of the company.

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Legal issues of Social Media

Having a legal issue being imposed on your company, can be damaging to the companies reputation. Especially, there is no ideas into what can happen to any sort of information that maybe leaked from within the company to the world just through a simple post on a social media website.
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The Good, The Bad of implementing Enterprise 2.0

When deciding whether to implement Enterprise 2.0 into businesses, there are benefits and risks that need to be considered. Enterprise 2.0 have benefits and risks, whereby it can or may affect the business in different ways. These benefits may include: Knowledge, Reputation, Productivity, Efficiency and Staff Engagement whilst also some of the potential risks that may affect the business are security, loss of control, reputation, reliablity, productivity and resources.

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Implementing of Enterprise 2.0

With organizations and companies moving towards a firm grip on the piece of technology to bring an increase in distribution and sales figures. We are brought to a thought as to whether we can implement Enterprise 2.0 to an organisation or company to advertise and promote whilst also taking what the internet has to benefit.

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