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Archive for March, 2010

Rich User Experiences

Everyday we use the web, we stumble across a web page that we may like due to its design, the understanding of the content, easy navigation or just the capabilities of incorporating media content into the website. These are  just a way for developers to make a ‘Rich User Experience’ for the user.

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Innovation in Assembly

Innovation in Assembly is when websites become platforms. An example of this is WhereIs. WhereIs is a site that provides an online based mapping service for free. It provides an interactive map; similar to Google Maps that offers a route planner for traveling either by car or foot, a business locator for Australian businesses.

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Data is the Next ‘Intel Inside’

Whilst there are many web 2.0 apps available today, I would think that eBay is a good example of Data being the Next ‘Intel Inside’. eBay is an online auction and shopping website used practically by any person or business to sell their products to the world.

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Harnessing Collective Intelligence

Youtube, a perfect website that harnesses collective intelligence. It is quite frankly the most popular and most used video sharing website available on the web. Much of the contents that are on Youtube is user generated. i.e music videos or even video blogs.

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