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Harnessing Collective Intelligence

Youtube, a perfect website that harnesses collective intelligence. It is quite frankly the most popular and most used video sharing website available on the web. Much of the contents that are on Youtube is user generated. i.e music videos or even video blogs.

It is a website that is used by anyone of any age all around the world. Users of the site have two options when watching videos, they can be either an unregistered user whereby they can only just watch the video or be a registered user which provides them the option to upload unlimited amounts of videos, posts comments and even post a video response towards the video.

Once a user has registered, they are given a greater amount of options as to what they can contribute towards the site by posting videos, commenting on other user’s videos, subscribing to other users’ videos or simply just watching a video. Youtube is a excellent 2.o application as it gives users the opportunity to show the world a bit about themselves if they were to do video blogging or for some people to just watch videos clips perhaps on movies, how-to’s or music videos.

HD (High Definition) and Closed Captioned videos are slowly emerging onto Youtube’s website, there are a means of Youtube moving towards the future with further improvements to there site, as HD offers a much clearer picture when viewing but would need a higher bandwidth to allow the loading of the video and Closed captioned videos would be helping the hearing impaired users, as they can also enjoy using the Youtube site.



2 responses

  1. Hi Eric, great post, I think Youtube is one of the best web 2.0 apps around, and in today’s world its also probably one of the most well known ones. I’m very excited to hear that they are experimenting with HTML5 for video delivery, as not being a huge fan of flash anything that goes away from it is good in my books.

    March 8, 2010 at 8:40 am

    • Justin, thank you for your comment, Youtube is truly one of the most well known web 2.0 apps available and i agree with you that anything used as an alternative for video delivery instead of flash is a good thing.

      March 9, 2010 at 11:22 am

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