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Rich User Experiences

Everyday we use the web, we stumble across a web page that we may like due to its design, the understanding of the content, easy navigation or just the capabilities of incorporating media content into the website. These are  just a way for developers to make a ‘Rich User Experience’ for the user.

DeviantArt is a perfect web 2.0 app example of a Rich User Experience, as it showcases artwork made by the users in a colour appealing theme. Users/guests and members are able to search and view ‘over 100 million’ (DeviantArt,2010) original artworks created by other members. If a user is signed up as a member the user is given the opportunity to showcase their artwork to ‘over 12 million’ (DeviantArt,2010) other members, begin communicating,collaborating and learning from other members from different countries. DeviantArt also allows for the member to make some money by selling their original artwork in their own deviantArt Shop.

In the world of online photo services, DeviantArt has  a similar site ‘Flickr‘. Flickr is an online photo/video service as well as an online community. The only differences between DeviantArt and Flickr, is that DeviantArt is solely for artists that want to show off their artwork to others sell off artwork, receive opinions from others and build a fan base on the artwork created whilst Flickr on the other-hand is a site for users to share much of their personal photos.

DeviantArt have been doing upgrades to their site, just recently they upgraded their notes system so that members can have a cleaner interface allowing for quicker loading, an organised inbox that incorporates folders, folders that are able to sort messages from unread to having starred, saving messages as drafts and implementing a more feature when viewing messages which allows a view of the first few lines without opening the message itself.

DeviantArt is an example of how art in the future can be displayed,without the need for a gallery or absolute stardom.



3 responses

  1. Great blog, I personally love deviantART, I think its a great web 2.0 technology and good example for rich user experiences

    March 28, 2010 at 9:48 pm

  2. adamcarew

    Hello Eric!

    Great post as usual! Before I read this I had only heard of DeviantArt, and just surfing around I can now say I really like it! very visually appealing and easy to use!

    Adam Carew

    March 28, 2010 at 10:40 pm

  3. Yo Eric,

    I’m usually a fan of deviantART most of the random ‘cool’ pictures that i got or i’ve seen came from that website. It is such a great experience to actually share your ‘passion’ with arts to different people that has the same views.

    Great work!

    March 28, 2010 at 10:47 pm

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