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Software above the level of a Single Device

Have you ever wanted to have a way of accessing your address book whilst being away from home? or maybe even just to check a phone number that you may have? Most of us would say yes to these questions I know I would. is the place for it. Plaxo is an online social networking and address book service, this I believe is software above the level of a single device as Plaxo can sync up all of your address book contacts into the web cloud whereby you can have access to it wherever you are so long as you have an account with Plaxo, this is offered as an automatic address book update whenever a user or contact edits the information Plaxo automatically edits the information so that both the user and any other account changer will have the most updated contact information. With the social networking side of Plaxo, it can keep track of the latest feeds to keep you up to date from almost all used social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

There are many websites that are available online that also offer a central location for your address, phone numbers and contact information, so that you can retrieve the information wherever you are in the world and have access to the internet; sites like and are examples of such websites that offer these things. Both Addressbookonline and Flexadex offer the same characteristics as Plaxo the only difference is that Plaxo has the capabilities of keeping you up to date with latest feeds from social networking sites.

Much goes into these sites as to the privacy in who can see these contacts and what is available publicly for someone else to retrieve, as such Plaxo is not as much as a ‘walled garden’ whereby your limited to only using the site, you can share the information that’s on the site if you wish to by any means of other social networking sites. and many more sites are now becoming available to allow users to have a centralized location for all their contacts and access to this information when one’s need.

This video shows the capabilities of being able to sync up on the all new Plaxo 3.0.


Plaxo – Company Overview

Address Book Online – Phonebook Addresses Task List Birthday Reminders Diary Blog

Flexadex About


2 responses

  1. Hi Eric.

    Nice Post

    Hmm this is pretty much what google calendar can do but I guess that when you focus on one thing it’s much better than the other.

    April 18, 2010 at 10:08 pm

  2. adamcarew

    Hello Eric!

    Great Post! really brilliant idea for a website!! i am forever losing bits of paper that I right down addresses on!

    Adam Carew

    April 18, 2010 at 10:54 pm

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