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Corporate Use of Wiki’s

When it comes to Wiki’s, some might find it too hard and completely ignore using it as they can find alternatives to showcasing the information that is needed to be mentioned, to the people who will read the wiki.Wikipedia, the most familiar wiki website that most users would be gathering their information from, but is all this information true to the fact.

As Wikipedia can be edited by basically anyone there is no knowing as to whether all the data that has been placed into this wiki page is true, we can only assume that it is. A company that is using a wiki within their enterprise is SAP. SAP uses the wiki to publicize  certain information about the program to other users of the community where they might be encountering some problems with the program and are in need of some sort of help. The community of the wiki can therefore contribute towards the wiki with points that may help another user in encountering the same problem. With a wiki page being created it enables users around the world to collaborate on the same page, so therefore the points that are on the page are kept to the most up-to-date state.

Benefits of using wiki’s within an enterprise is that it allows for enterprise wide collaboration; not just one user of the company, say if it was  a blog of the company whereby the information that is on the wiki so is kept recent, the content of the wiki is user-generated, words within the wiki are interlinked to best provide keyword relevance.

Pitfalls of using wiki’s is that the content is much harder to moderate for inappropriate items as a wiki can be basically edited by anyone that has access to it.

Personally, I’ve only really edited a wiki a few times, considering I was reading through a wiki page and found a few errors in some of the information that was displayed and needed to be corrected whilst the other times were by mistake. I mistakenly went into the editing section of the page but left the page without altering any of the information. What’s your thoughts on wiki’s?


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