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The Beginning of Blogging.

As everyone begins to switch to the new age of technology, there is the increase in social networking i.e. facebook, twitter and blogs. With blogging, the posts that you make; are away of expressing your own say into what matters to you the most, that’s the deal with blogs it’s to share your opinion and exchange thoughts with the online community to see what they have to say about the topic of conversation.

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Lightweight models and cost-effective scalability

All websites start off small and grow large due to popularity and demand, this is “Lightweight models and cost-effective scalability”. An excellent example of this is LinkedIn.

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Leveraging the Long Tail

Have you ever gone to a store and looked around to see for cheap items? or maybe you’ve done many trips to several stores just to compare a single item and see which one will be a bargain?

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Perpetual Beta

Have you ever had an idea that you wanted to draw but just didn’t have a pen and paper? Maybe even needed to do some brainstorming. Well this application is surely a good example of a “Perpetual Beta”.
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Software above the level of a Single Device

Have you ever wanted to have a way of accessing your address book whilst being away from home? or maybe even just to check a phone number that you may have? Most of us would say yes to these questions I know I would.

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Rich User Experiences

Everyday we use the web, we stumble across a web page that we may like due to its design, the understanding of the content, easy navigation or just the capabilities of incorporating media content into the website. These are  just a way for developers to make a ‘Rich User Experience’ for the user.

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Innovation in Assembly

Innovation in Assembly is when websites become platforms. An example of this is WhereIs. WhereIs is a site that provides an online based mapping service for free. It provides an interactive map; similar to Google Maps that offers a route planner for traveling either by car or foot, a business locator for Australian businesses.

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